Dim Sum Party


Dim sum is the quintessential food that makes up the social fabric of Cantonese culture especially in Hong Kong, Southern China, all the overseas Chinese populations and Chinatowns around the world. It literally means “touch the heart.” Synonymous to dim sum is “yum cha” which is what Chinese people say when they go to have dim sum, usually at a restaurant every weekend for brunch with family or friends. You can order as much or as little as you want with an endless variety of steamed dumplings, buns, noodles, baked or fried puffs, and it’s all about the atmosphere. It’s a boisterous exciting occasion, where everyone’s chattering away, teapots clanging, dim sum being served a la carte or in push trolleys (the old fashioned way) and kids happily shoving down “char siu bao” (steamed pork buns.) “Yum cha” literally means “drink tea” which goes hand in hand with dim sum, as Chinese people always drink tea and also believe it helps with digesting dim sum. (We could go on about dim sum, if you can’t tell the author/web designer/co-founder is from Hong Kong and feeling very nostalgic just from writing this.) We hope to re-create this fun authentic occasion right here at AOC! 

Hands-on class with meal provided.


Char Siu Bao

Fluffy white steamed buns filled with Char Siu Pork (see below)


Braised Char Siu Pork

Local pork marinated with homemade Char Siu (Chinese bbq) sauce


Pork and Prawn Siu Mai

A classic and staple, steamed dumpling with yellow wrapper filled with minced pork and prawn


Spring Rolls

Crispy fried rolls filled with local pork and veggies and vermicelli

XO Sauce

A flavour-bomb condiment rich with dried seafood, cured pork and chilli

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